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Index, log and organize your Hi8 tape library with data code based scene detection.

Create subtitles with the date  (and times)  to each scene that you can turn on and off, after capturing your favorite Hi8 home movies with standard video editing software.

Includes Serial or USB LANC device control software and cable.


How does Hi8DateTime capture the date/time from Hi8 tapes?

Sony Camcorders do not generate a IEEE 1394 or LANC digital output for the date and time code when playing back a Hi8 tape with RC Timecode. In fact, the only place that the date and time can be “seen” is on the video screen during playback, rewind or fast forward operations.

Hi8DateTime however, gets around  the problem by extracting the tape counter, date and time from the video image after it has been digitized by a capture card or a second Sony Digital8 camcorder with the analog to digital feature. The play back of the tape is automated using the LANC control cable.

Hi8DateTime creates subtitles with the date  (and times)  of each scene that you can turn on and off, after capturing your favorite Hi8 home movies with standard video editing software. Hi8 tapes must be recorded with RC Timecode.

Hi8DateTime automation controls the camcorder using  the included  LANC control cable and extracts the date and time at high speed while the tape is on fast forward to produce a  list of date/time values, one for each tape counter value. For example:

0:00:01 03:45:51PM FEB 6 1994
0:00:02 03:45:52PM FEB 6 1994
0:00:03 03:45:53PM FEB 6 1994
0:00:04 03:45:54PM FEB 6 1994
0:00:05 03:45:55PM FEB 6 1994

Hi8DateTime synchronizes the tape counter value offset with start of the captured video and creates an output file in SAMI sub-title format. Synchronization accuracy is significantly enhanced when Hi8DateTime is used together with Pinnacle Studio .SCN files.

View the captured videos with  Windows Media Player (WMP) and turn the dates and times on and off using the “subtitle” function in  the player. (For further information see Understanding SAMI 1.0 library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnacc/html/atg_samiarticle.asp)

Convert the SAMI subtitle output to other formats suitable for other video players with third party utilities. (not supplied).

In addition, Hi8DateTime will index and log a Hi8 tape by producing a list of scenes, their start and end timecodes (HH:MM:SS), their recording date, and the start and end time of day in under 15 minutes elapsed time (timing for CCD-TR101, other models may vary).

Hi8DateTime comes as a software/hardware bundle that includes either a serial to LANC or a USB to LANC control cable.

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What is the minimum Hi8DateTime configuration?

Hi8DateTime requirements:



CCD-TR101 with Serial to LANC Control Cable

  •  a Sony Hi8 Camcorder with the DATA CODE function, RC Time Code and a LANC Remote connection (see below to confirm NTSC, PAL or other Model numbers)


  •  a Windows XP PC with an available serial or USB port


  •  a video capture card, or a second Sony Digital 8 camcorder with analog to digital conversion


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What is the Hi8DateTime purchase price?

The purchase price during the introductory period is $229.95 USD  with either the Serial Control Cable or for the USB Control Cable.

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How do I buy?

 For feedback, comments or questions, please  email us at

Sorry. The Hi8DateTime Information Request form is temporarily unavailable.



Hi8DateTime Information Request

  1. Please provide us with the following information so that we may contact you.



    Phone:(Work)          (Optional)

    Phone:(Evenings)   (Optional)

  2. Make and Model of Camcorder

  3. NTSC / PAL

  4. Configuration eg:
    • PC Hardware (CPU, RAM, Hard Drives, Optical Writers)
    • Windows OS ( Version, Service Pack)
    • Video Capture Hardware and Software

  5. Feedback, Comments and Questions
  6. Number of Hi8 Tapes in Your Library





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Which Sony Hi8 Camcorders will work with Hi8DateTime?

We have done extensive testing on the Sony CCD-TR101. Camcorders with the following features will work with Hi8DateTime:

  • the camcorder has the DATA CODE function. This function records the date/time when video taping and later shows the date or time during play back when the Date or Time button (or DATA CODE button) is pressed.
  • the camcorder has an A/V out, with an optional S-Video plug.
  • the camcorder has a LANC (or Control-L) Remote Connection. This feature is used to control the camcorder.

The following Sony NTSC handycams will work with Hi8DateTime as they have DATA CODE, RC Time Code and LANC: CCD-SC55 CCD-TR101 CCD-TR2300 CCD-TR3000 CCD-TR3300 CCD-TR3400 CCD-TR555 CCD-TR700 CCD-TR910 CCD-TRV101 CCD-TRV81 CCD-TRV99 CCD-V801 CCD-VX3 .

See the FAQ for more details about these models and get Hi8DateTime now.

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What about Sony Hi 8 PAL Camcorders?

The following Hi8 PAL Sony camcorder models will work with Hi8DateTime as they have DATA CODE, RC Time Code and LANC : CCD-SC55E CCD-TR2200E CCD-TR2300E CCD-TR3100E CCD-TR3200E CCD-TR3300E CCD-TR3400E CCD-TR555E CCD-TR825E CCD-TR845E CCD-TRV69E CCD-TRV77E.

We also believe the the following models will work with Hi8DateTime: CCD-TR805E, CCD-TR2200,  CCD-TR3000E, CCD-VX1E, CCD-TR2000E, CCD-TR3E, CCD-V600E, CCD-V800E, CCD-V800E, CCD-V6000. We will be happy to work with you to confirm.

See the FAQ for more details about these models and get Hi8DateTime now.

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