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Latest News about Octochron and Hi8Datetime


  • Monday, October 23, 2006 New FAQ lists Sony Hi8 Camcorder Models with Data Code and RC Time Code suitable for Hi8DateTime

    • Octochron has published a new FAQ that lists NTSC and PAL Sony Hi8 Camcorder Models that are targeted to be compatible with Hi8DateTime.

      The new Octochron FAQ helps Hi8 camcorder owners determine whether their Sony camcorder has the technical features that will enable Hi8DateTime capture and log the date and time from the video tape produced.

      "During the 90's Sony delivered three different date and time features on their consumer 8mm analog camcorder platform: Age and Anniversary, Auto Date, and Data Code with RC Time Code" explained Walter Berndl.  "Of these, only the Data Code with RC Time Code feature preserves the date and time, together with the tape counter. Based on a review of Sony documentation, and over two hundred fifty Sony 8mm Video 8 and Hi8 analog camcorder models released world wide, we have positively identified fourteen Hi8 NTSC camcorder models and twelve Hi8 PAL camcorder models that support Data Code with RC Time Code.  We have also identified an additional twelve Hi8 models no longer documented by Sony that are also likely candidates based on Internet references."

      "Our first priority is to support these thirty some odd NTSC and PAL Hi8 models with Data Code and RCTC for Hi8DateTime." said Walter Berndl.

      You can read the FAQ here.


  • Friday, September 22, 2006  Octochron Announces Internet Presence with Hi8DateTime

    • Octochron - a division of Berndl and Associates Ltd. is pleased to announce that its site www.octochron.com is now online.

      The Octochron site will provide information, support and  tools to the community of Hi8 camcorder owners who bought their equipment in the 90's or more recently, and who now want to capture and archive the date and time, in addition to video and audio, from Hi8 tape media to DVDs or hard drives.

      Octochron is engaged in research and development of the world premier automated software/hardware tool, Hi8DateTime, that logs the recording date and time,  and timecode of video scenes from analog Hi8 tapes to industry standard digital formats.  Hi8DateTime will support multiple industry standard subtitle and captioning formats.

      "Hi8DateTime addresses the needs of owners of Hi8 camcorders who are  considering archiving their analog videos to digital media to prevent their loss" says Walter Berndl. "Unlike DV video camcorders, Hi8 camcorders from Sony and others never did provide a means of transferring the date and time with the video/audio signal. Hi8DateTime will provide the tool that automates the digital capture and synchronization of the date and time with the timecode of video and audio of each scene. If you are a Hi8 enthusiast, you have likely spent several thousand dollars on camcorders, tapes and accessories and hundreds of hours to preserve treasured moments. Why would you not make sure that you have a complete digital index of your digital Hi8 archives organized by date and time, before your Hi8 equipment or tapes break down?"

      Walter Berndl said "So far, we have developed a working prototype that uses a Hi8 Sony CCD-TR101 camcorder via a LANC interface hooked up to a PC. Hi8DateTime  captures a SAMI file containing the recording dates and times associated with each timecode on a two hour Hi8 video tape. You can view the digitized video using Windows Media Player, and turn the captions and sub titles on and off to see the date and time of your Hi8 video. This is, I believe, a world first."

      When asked what the next steps would be Walter Berndl said "We need to let the Hi8 community know that the Octochron  site here, and that the Hi8DateTime tool is a solution to their Hi8 date time problem. We will be conducting a field trial of our solution on a variety Hi8 equipment before going to general availability."

      General availability dates and pricing have not yet been determined.

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